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A pandemic plus+ for me.....

Nobody wants the 'pandemic'...but there have been some wonderful perks for me.  I was blessed to tutor my 9 year old granddaughter while her mommy worked from home.  So comes over to my house...away from her pesty (yet adorable) 12 year old brother.  This picture was a sponateous move on my part...using my iphone.  We were praying as part of her religion homework (she goes to Catholic school), and to see how devoted she was when she prays just warmed my heart.
Granddaughter, Nicole Faustina (Colee)

Nobody loves the pandemic. But for me there's been a few perks that turned into blessings. Here was a spontaneous moment while I tutored Colee, my 9 year old granddaughter at my kitchen table. She goes to private school and were were working on her religion homework. What is more precious than to witness your child taking her faith and homework seriously.

I hope you and your loved ones have remained healthy through it all. While staying quarantined, its a great time to get some much needed portraits taken. FAMILY, PROFESSIONAL, SENIORS, etc. Let me know if that's you and I will make it happen.

I wish you a bunch of blessings!!!


P.S. I wrote this particulary post so I had documentation to show Colee when she goes to college and needs a reminder how important her faith is.

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